I came to Ralph after reaching a nadir during an extremely challenging period of vocational change, relationship breakdown, and crisis in identity. I had approached others for help, but none were as effective or as good as Ralph. Without Ralph's kindness, calmness and sensitivity in crisis, this time could have been far worse. Post-crisis, his patience, wisdom and insight has helped me to re-examine myself and the conduct of my life, both past and current. Enriched by his wider vocation of service to others, he has helped me to achieve me a degree of self understanding and perspective that I doubt I would have achieved myself. I am forever grateful to the person who recommended him.

Anonymous client, 2020

I was unsure about seeking counselling during a period of sadness and some objective difficulty, but a series of sessions with Ralph Williamson, quickly became an important haven within my week. Ralph is an enormously insightful and empathetic person; he helped me gain a healthier perspective, which was crucial in re-establishing my well-being. Knowing that someone can help you work through difficult patches is valuable. Finding that person is priceless. I am hugely grateful to the friend who introduced me to Ralph’s counselling practice, which I recommend unhesitatingly.

Anonymous client, 2017